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Saturday December 13th 2014

Going VIA Canada: Ontario

Back on the train and out of Alberta we rode. Three days of watching beautiful scenery go past, reading books, and eating loads of food as Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario went by. With so much good food and the uber comfy beds, it was not too hard to stay on the train for three days straight.

Top bunk

Kicking back on the bottom bunk after dinner

Finally we arrived in Toronto where we got in a car and promptly left, but not too far away.

Our lovely friends Ed and Kathy picked us up and we drove to Ed’s place in Alliston about an hour outside of Toronto. For a glorious week we sat on Ed’s patio having afternoon drinks in the sun, eating  (more) tasty food and enjoying some of the areas great outdoor activities.

A perfect summer afternoon on the patio with Kathy and Ed

Kathy and Ed took us to one their favourite walking trails at Mono Cliffs. From the top you get some fabulous panorama’s of the local area. Wild rhubarb and blackberries grow alongside the trail but sadly were not quite ripe yet.

Another day was spent kayaking at Wasaga beach. We all thought we had a reasonable fitness level but sooner than we expected the rowing started to wear us down. Two hours is an applaudable effort. Pats on the back all round. The day was finished perfectly with a truly amazing meal at the Peter Cellar’s Pub. Here’s the write up.

We went out to Barrie’s Annual Ribfest and Craft Beer Show to catch up with my old school friend Amanda and her husband Jake. So good catching up with them as we hadn’t seen each other since their wedding in Sydney. Chris and I stuffed ourselves silly on ribs and pulled pork and discovered a delicious cider beer, I just wish I could remember who made it.

We’ll be back in Toronto before too long. More fun and games to come.

You can see some of our photos on the train and the food we ate here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51265585@N00/5910548214/in/photostream

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