Let's go adventuring
Saturday December 13th 2014

Going VIA Canada: Alberta

We seem to have fallen a little bit behind with the blog posts but with so much happening who’s got time to sit down and write about it. Grab a cup of coffee and lets catchup.

When we last left you we had just got off the train in Edmonton, Alberta. After a night in a lovely big and fluffy hotel room we picked up a car and began the drive to Claresholm to stay with some more distant relatives of mine, Leslie and Jim.

The roads are straight and the land is flat; Leslie conveyed it best on email to me when she said “The drive from Edmonton to Calgary is quite uneventful, get it over as quickly as possible.” As you get past Calgary the prairies are quite beautiful if a little trying for the driver. Turns out dead straight roads are actually pretty tiring to drive. Due to some rather large insurance costs associated with hiring a car we decided only one of us would do the driving. Chris was it!

We had a lovely BBQ with Jim and Leslie, their daughter Holly and her hubby Trevor along with Leslie’s sister Cathy. The first of several great dinners and many bottles with Jim and Leslie. After seeing Jim’s “man cave” which included a spectacular record collection, Chris confirmed that he too would one day have his own man cave. But it’s not all about the people, food and wine although i dearly love all three, we were on the tourist trail as well.

Our first trip was out to Waterton Park. A massive national park which crosses over into the US and includes the spectacular Rocky Mountains. We drove out to Cameron Lake. On one side was a sun drenched green landscape with canoes out on the water. As you go further out a layer of ice begins and gets thicker and thicker until it hits the ice wall of a mountain at the other end.

Cameron Lake, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

Signs warned that this was Prime grizzly bear territory, so we decided to go for a hike.

Warning, bears!

We chose one path but soon decided to turn back. The snow was still quite thick in areas, so much so that at one point I took a step and sunk right up to my knee. I was stuck but Chris wouldn’t help me out until he had photographic evidence. He soon had his comeuppance, sinking right up to his hip. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the camera. It was attached to Chris. I took pity on him and hauled him out of his hole.

Stuck in a hole

We saw a good amount of wildlife during the day. Our first chipmunk, the local goats and some buffalo (behind fences). No grizzly bears, but then that was probably a good thing. We stuck near the hikers with the bear bells which I’m sure saved us from impending doom.

Ooooh, chipmunk!

Looks like someone is malting a bit