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Saturday December 13th 2014

What’s all this about then?

Guess that this all needs some explanation. What is this site? Where are you going? Why are you going? And what happens when a rock tries to disguise itself as a hard place?

The first one is relatively easy, as this blog is here to chronicle the times of Claire and myself as we move amongst people of far away places. Will it stay on topic and not become the basis of a new soapbox for a particularly opinionated journalist? I can’t promise anything, especially when, where and how I choose to vent.

Chris and Claire at Kings Canyon

Chris and Claire at Kings Canyon

As for the question as to where we are going, the plan is that the first stop is the (hopefully) wonderful town of Vancouver, followed at some unknown time by residence in the UK and then home in around three years. “Back in 3″ you might say. What we intend to do in these places shall be left to the Fates to decide.

The why is quite simple, as the elder member of this duo, I have only a year left to be eligible for “youth” visas and thus need to go now or never go. Otherwise moving countries becomes a pain where you need a job there or be willing to pay a buttload of money, neither of which sounds tempting.

And as for rocks metamorphosing of minerals into metaphors, that is left as an exercise for the reader.

Hope you enjoy reading as much as fat kids love cake.

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  1. Steven says:

    `Why adults shouldn’t be allowed on kids’ toys’ is hillarious. You’re such a hillbilly!

    Best quote on this site so far belongs to a little kid: “He’s just a freak sometimes”.

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